Just What the Doctor Ordered

In your world, fall is associated with one thing—football.

Wouldn’t it be great if you had doctor’s orders just to sit on the couch and watch some quality college and professional football? That, gentlemen would not be a treatment plan you failed to follow.

Okay, okay—we’re not actually going to give you a medical release form to excuse you from work, nor are we going to prescribe treatment in the form of couch-sitting, football-watching heaven for no reason. However, this will be exactly what you’ll be doing (at least for a few days!) if you come to the conclusion that a vasectomy is right for you. Since most men who have the procedure experience some mild aching in the area, regular activities are typically resumed within a few days of surgery. This makes for the perfect opportunity to take in a little of that football goodness in the meantime—doctor’s orders!

Yet, having a vasectomy is a very big decision, especially since the effects are as final as the remaining four teams in your bracket. Vasectomies are one of the most successful forms of permanent birth control with a 99.85 percent success rate. When compared to tubal litigation in women, this procedure is both safer and less expensive. While this birth control method is technically reversible, an important thing to re-emphasize is that a vasectomy should only be considered when a couple is sure they are done having children and after ample discussion— reversals are not 100 percent successful, and they definitely aren’t cheap.

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